I posted a question over a week ago. Where is it? I saw some page flip past as I posted ... somethinng about forum mods having to approve the posting or something. So where's my question? I am still looking for an answer.

To recapitulate:

I use ZoneAlarm free as my firewall and AVG as my antivirus, and have done so for over ten years. I wish to continue doing so. Since the release of the new Zonealarm-with-Antivirus Free, my ZoneAlarm firewall-only insists on repeatedly asking me if I want to change to the with-firewall version. I don't want to. i have repeatedly told it I don't want to. But it seems the best I can do is get it to only ask me every fifteen days. WTF? The free firewall-only is still a current, supported product, and it is all I want. It is completely unacceptable that I be repeatedly badgered about the with-AV product. Told about it initially, fine. Nagged about it every fifteen days, no. Absolutely no. Is there some option somewhere I haven't found to stop it asking? Or is the next ZA-firewall-only upgrade going to stop asking or have an option to make it stop asking?

I really need an answer as I just won't tolerate software behaving like this on my computer. And the question needs to be posted so the ZA people see what users think about things like this.

Or is this forum only for postings that are not even slightly critical about anything to do with ZA, and only for the total fanboys?