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    Hi There
    I don't know if it's just my PC but i've tried the new firewall + antivirus suite. and it broke my computers programs and had to be removed.
    I tried to run "freemake video convertor" and the new zonealarm flagged up "freemake....etc tried to make an unusual dns request, now this flagged up alarm bells within myself so i naturally denied it - the program flatly refuses to run anymore, until i delete it's entry in application control.
    I also tried other programs that wanted internet access and they stopped working after me denying them unusual dns requests.
    It seems to me that unless you give every program "root" privileges (even when you are the administrator) they will not work correctly anymore due to the new zonealarm cutting off access to the hard drive and memory.

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    DNS request is not root request, just the software trying to initiate communications out. If it does not work after you denied it then it means the software your are trying to run is designed not to work if you block the DNS request. Not a ZA issue but an issue with the software you block. This is, I am afraid, by design.

    If you do not trust the software you are installing then better you move to something you can trust. If the source is trusted then you should allow the request.


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