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    Default un-resizable window

    Try this one - right click on the zonealarm icon in the taskbar and select "show monitor", now click on the computer tab and then on the underlined so many programs secured.
    Now you should see quite an extensive list of all of the programs (depending on your usage) that have wanted internet access.
    Lets just say that you wish to start from scratch here and delete them all in one fell swoop, go and do that by first clicking on the first entry and scroll to the bottom of the list then press the shift key and click on the last entry and click the remove button on the right hand side. Now you will have a un-resizable window that you cannot get to the bottom of to confirm the delete. Believe me when i say that i have tried it
    even with a program that purports to give you (in most circumstances) a resizable window but cannot.
    If you have done this correctly in order to get rid of this you will either have to shutdown zonealarm or restart your PC.

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    Yes, I can see this also in retails version... Just right click on ZA icon in the task bar and choose "close" (this is in windows 7) or open the task manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and close the window from there. No need to shutdown ZA.

    If you need to apply such a drastic cleaning it is not reccomended to do it via the application control. Some of the programs are tuned up at configured at install.

    So, the safest procedure is to reset the ZA settings. This will cleanup the application control list and re-populate it at reboot. To reset the settings you can go to tools --> preferences --> and push on "reset to defaults" --> reboot

    If you need a less drastic clean up just select the application to remove by group of 30 or 40 per time. Done.


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