I need to do a full removal (clean uninstall), but the instructions on the ZA support page are outdated and don't work. (See the two two seemingly-relevant items at: http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en...e-support.htm#).

Going to Start -> Checkpoint -> ZoneAlarm gives a list of four items, none of which is "Uninstall." Therefore I have no way to issue the Unistall /Clean command.

Also, note above that the program is found under Checkpoint, not (directly) ZoneAlarm. Took me a long time to figure out where ZoneAlarm was located, as this does not match the instructions.
Also (compared to some even older instructions I have found) there is no Uninstall program in the ZoneAlarm program files folder. Apparently that disappeared in more recent versions.

Questions: (1) Is there a clean uninstall program, and if so where can I find it? (2) Otherwise, how can I do a clean uninstall?
Thx in advance.