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Thread: [Resolved] AV Update server issues? => was a Hardware problem

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    I didn't know where to put this. I am using ZA 10 Free Firewall + AntiVirus. There isn't a forum for it that I could find and since this app uses AV and anti-spam technology, I posted it here. My apologies if it doesn't belong here.

    I was wondering if there's an issue with the update server. I ask because I am also having an update issue with another piece software. It cancels out with a timeout error. I don't know what the error is in ZA. It gets to Update AntiVirus/AntiSpyware: Downloading but at always the same place, 61%, it stops and just returns the error "Error." Really helpful, I'm sorry.

    I have been able to update the software within the last few days, sometime last week, before Friday. Saturday is when my updating issues have started.

    If there's no issue with the update server, I need to contact my ISP. Thanks!
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