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Thread: Gibson "Leak Test" Failure?

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    stevegask Guest

    Default Gibson "Leak Test" Failure?

    Hi all,

    The "Leak Test" featured at recommends Zonealarm as the only Firewall that passes the test for total security; yet ZA Extreme on my system is failing every time?

    Anyone have experience with this test - and suggestions on how to tighten up, so that I'm fully protected.



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    Default Re: Gibson "Leak Test" Failure?

    Perhaps the ZA is set in the learning mode?

    Please remove the leaktest executible from the program listing, then set the ZA out of the learning mode and then reboot and then repeat the test.
    You should pass the leaktest.
    Best regards.

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    stevegask Guest

    Default Re: Gibson "Leak Test" Failure?

    I do not believe that it's still in learning mode - it has been on my system for years and renewed annually? Thanks for the suggestion though.


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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Gibson "Leak Test" Failure?

    Follow oldsod lead.Remove Firewall Leak Testing Utility from Program list.Set Application Control to Max mode.This will force programs to ask for permission.

    When you run Firewall Leak Testing Utility click Deny access.

    Log Viewer > Program and Log Alerts (ZALog.txt) confirms this : Firewall Leak Testing Utility was blocked from connecting to the Internet ( the Alerts and Logs settings in Main set to High, On, High, and Alert Events > Check All.

    Read the following link :

    Helpful information on Program alerts :

    Have a nice Day
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