Every time I start up the computer I can go to the Control Panel Administration and read the System Log of events and read:

Warning Remote Access. When I click on the warning the log says "unable to contact a DHCP server. The Aumomatic Private IP Address ... (various IP addresses) will be assigned to dial-in clients, Clients may be unable to access resources on the network.

The Windows XP Home Edition Help and Support at Microsoft recommends:

Determine whether the DHCP server is running.
Verify that the DHCP server can be contacted by the server running Routing and Remote Access.
Verify that the DHCP server is configured with enough IP addresses for all potential VPN clients.

I have an ethernet (land line) connection with no wireless connection.

My question is HOW DO I STOP REMOTE ACCESS and prevent these warnings? I have no current need for networking or remote access from other computers. This is a personal family computer. Is this an indication of a hacker?

The System Log indicates this automatically happens on start up each and every time I start the computer before the computer security starts. Back door Malware?

I would appreciate any feedback to help me identify what is happening.

Thank You.