Hi All,

as soon as we install ZoneAlarm we cannot use SwyxIt! anymore (Swyx Softphone). There are two processes used by the SwyxIt! client - SwyxIt!.exe and CLMgr.exe. One of them uses around 75% and the other around 25% CPU usage. You just can reset the computer. Disabling ZoneAlarm does not help. Only uninstalling ZoneAlarm makes the software work.
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and Zone Alarm Extreme Security has been tested (version 2010 and 2012).
This behavior only appears with Windows XP. With Windows 7 the combination ZoneAlarm and SwyxIt! works.
Even in safe mode its not working.

Any idea how to make the SwyxIt! work with ZoneAlarm on Windows XP?
kind regards,