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    Question Google Blocked

    It seems that zonealarm is blocking access to google and any other search engine. when i drop zonealarm and use windows defender the problem goes away. has anyone else had this problem, or more important, does anyone know of a fix?

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    You are actually the first user I hear about ZA blocking google or other search engines. Defenitively ZA does not block and never blocked google as it is, for example, one of the engines I use daily.

    Probably if you post more information on:

    - Exact version of ZA (right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> paste it a reply).
    - Exact version of the OS
    - Version and name of other security tools installed?
    - How do you connect to internet? (modem, cable, 3G, WIFI, etc)?
    - Did ZA always block google or it was working before?
    - Exact error message? You go to You use the built in search in browser....etc.

    users here may be able to better guess what is the problem.

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