I am using a Window XP on my PC I have the following Installed:
Firewall ZoneAlarm
Anti-virus AVG 2012.0 (and using AVG Do Not Track)
Browser Firefox 8.01

I get a pop up to upgrade Firefox to 12.0 . However, it says that ZoneAlarm 1.5.0 and AVG Do Not Track 12.0.0213 will not work with this update and will be disabled. So I am still using Firefox 8.01.

Question #1: I would like the latest firewall and also the latest updates on my browser. Should I continue to use Firefox 8.01 or go back to IE browser 8.0 (current version, but not my main browser).

Question #2: Is ZoneAlarm 1.5.0 an older version... but can I still use ZoneAlarm 10.1 for the Firefox upgrade 12.0?

Any help will be appreciated,

Sy S.