I've been using the free version of ZoneAlarm for ages...more than 5 years, I'm sure. I'm very familiar with how it should operate, and overall I couldn't be happier with its performance over the years. I'm currently running on XP, with all windows updates. I don't run any other security or other software that would conflict with ZoneAlarm's operations.

But right now I've got a wierd problem. It's as if the list of machines & IPs in my "View Zones" list has become read-only. I can neither add or remove entries. Oh, I can go through the motions - click add, be presented with all the options you'd expect, fill out the fields, and hit ok - but if I go back into Zones - the changes have not taken place. I cannot add any of the 4 options available from the "Add>>" button, nor can I remove any entries in the list at present.

I definitely haven't gone into any of ZoneAlarm's directories on the hard drive and messed with their permissions, nor can I conceive of any program I run, or action I've taken since this incident has begun that could do so. Ditto for the registry.

I'm pretty much stumped here. Anyone have any ideas?