I have been using ZA for more years than I care to remember and it has always been reasonably well behaved.

However I recently upgraded to the latest version with the new GUI and I am not a happy bunny.

The main problem seems to be that when I get the pop-up asking whether to allow a program access to the internet it and I check the remember setting box it does not seem to remember the setting. Furthermore if I try and run the application in question again it will not start but will show on my task list, when it is in this state I cannot kill it using the task manager unless I close down ZA.

I have a password set for zonealarm and have allowed all users to change permissions.

I am running XP pro & Avast and this problem only started when upgrading to latest GUI.

2 programs that are good examples of the lockup are 'mp3tag' & 'Garmin WebUpdater'