I have a Dell and a custom PC with ASUS motherboard, both running XP Pro SP3 and using Firefox 12, Avast AV 7 and SAS 5.0. On May 20 I updated ZA Free to 10.1.101 on the custom PC without any problems and today updated FF to 13 - again no problems. On the Dell I updated ZA to 10 yesterday and subsequently updated FF to 13 without problems.

However, yesterday I updated FF to 13 on my ASUS eee Netbook with XP Home SP3 followed by an attempt to update ZA to 10 but this fell over at about 32 - 34% in the configuration stage, I uninstalled the partial ZA using the latest ZA removal tool and tried again - same result on three occasions.

I do not seem to have a problem with FF12 or 13 on the desktops but what is causing the collapse on the NetbooK? It also runs Avast but not SAS.
I have been using ZA for as long as I can remember and am reluctant to change. Can anyone help with this installation problem?