I bought ZA Pro License today. Activated successfully. Program says: Your protection is valid for 365 days.

But if i look at my blocked attempts in the log viewer and click "more info" on an entry, it brings me to the smart defense advisor website were i see tabs with overview, technical info, details and hacker id.
i can view all tabs besides hacker id.
the tab hacker id tells me this:
Service, Support and Maintenance Agreement has expired. Updates and additional web services (such as ZoneAlarm Hacker ID service) are available to users for the period of their support agreement with ZoneAlarm which were acquired with the purchase or renewal of a ZoneAlarm premium firewall product (like ZoneAlarm Pro or ZoneAlarm Security Suite). Your ZoneAlarm Pro service and support license has expired. Don't miss your chance to purchase an annual renewal license for subsequent updates and service access. Click here to order. We have both one year and two year update and support renewal opportunities available.