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Thread: ZA 10.1 and 10.2 issues: internets at risk and Zonealarm Security Update Overdue

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    Angry ZA 10.1 and 10.2 issues: internets at risk and Zonealarm Security Update Overdue

    Hi folks, I'm a long time searcher and a first time poster to this forum. Here is what I have currently experienced. Zonealarm free firewall will be abbreviated to ZAFF to save on word count haha.

    I had to reinstall my parents system, thus meaning a clean install of ZAFF.

    I installed the version I have on my PC, 10.1.101 I believe. The firewall would always indicate that the "internets at risk" (far right box on the UI). Trying to reinstall the above version caused the PC to crash for some reason on boot. I booted with ZAFF start-up applications turned off, appears Zonealarm was the issue. I therefore installed ZAFF 10.2.057, which worked fine asides from the "Internet at risk" (far right box on UI) being red.

    I searched and tested the firewall and it appears that that section is just broken on some computer systems. That section is still running as when I visit my website (non malicious) it warns it is dangerous and when I download a file Zonealarm check for spyware and the Zonealarm download manager pops up even though I didn't install the browser add-on, it installs by default unless you turn internet security off.

    So the Internet security does work, it just says it isn't and can be ignored. This hopefully puts some peoples souls to rest as I know there are countless threads on this issue.

    Secondly, I am now receiving the following message at start-up and in a text block when rolling over the ZAFF icon in the taskbar: "Zonealarm Security Update Overdue". Now, having done some searching I have been able to find out that this is the anti-virus saying it hasn't been updated, BUT I haven't installed the anti-virus. This issue should occur with everybody who is running the 10.2.057 free firewall without the anti-virus so it can be ignored. This has been stated as a con on CNET and has been discussed on another forum that I'm not sure I'm allowed to link too?

    Anyway, I would like to see these issues fixed, I'm not sure whether ZA staff looks at these forums but these notes might be worth forwarding to the development team for a future update on the software. I will continue to use the software, as I know that my computer is not at risk. I have been a user of ZAFF for nearly 6 years now, back to V4 I think.

    For all purposes the computer having these issues is as follows:

    Windows XP SP3
    1GB RAM
    ZA Free Firewall 10.2.057
    Avast Anti-virus 7
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