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    brian Guest

    Question Printer Through Firewall

    I have recently installed ZA Free Firewall seems to be doing too good a job. I'm using an Epson printer with my Setup but the printer will not print correctly, Epson Helpdesk tell me I need to allow the printer access through the Firewall, can someone tell me where I can find very simple instructions as to how I allow access? Or better still explain it to me in very simple language.
    My OS is windows 7 and i use IE as my browser.

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    Hi and welcome to the ZA forum.

    First suggestion is to search this board for "printer" and try what already suggested in the different threads about printers.

    Secondly, if not resolved, you should report exactly the ZA version used (right click the ZA icon near the clock, about, copy to clipboard and paste it here). Remember to give details on how you connect to Internet (router, modem, cable, 3G, etc) and describe how is the printer connected to the computer (wireless, cable, USB, etc...).

    Describe the settings in ZA firewall zone and anything you have changed from default. Also did it ever work before? First time installing ZA ? Printer installed before ZA ? Etc...

    More information you provide more likely other users here will be able to help.


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    Eyeware Guest

    Default Re: Printer Through Firewall

    If you wish to print via your home/local network go to the Zone alarm firewall settings and change the trusted zone to medium to allow the printer through the Firewall. As long as you trust everyone on your home/local network there will be no problems. This would needed to be done on all PC using Zonealarm firewall. Other firewalls would need knowledge of that firewall to allow network access.

    If you wish access to your printer using the Internet then you need to reduce the Public zone security to medium or lower. This is not recommended as you will also allow access to resources on your PC which will give malicious software/hackers/viruses a possible entrance and exit to your machine. Use this setting only if you are desperate and at your own risk as the point of having Zonealarm Firewall is partly negated.

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    brian Guest

    Default Re: Printer Through Firewall

    Many thanks for the reply. I have spent quite a few hours reading through all the different post about printers. But sadly cannot see one that says how to check or do it. They all seem to say it should be done automatically. Great but how and where do I find out? It seems to be that in any forum most people are super whiz kids and understand all of this stuff, but there are some of us who join a forum for a simple plain English answer.
    Like click on A, then go to C and Click, under B will tell you what you should see. If not then you need to do Z.
    Iím running version
    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall version:
    vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1089483232
    Web Identity Protections version: 1.5.388.0

    I connect to the internet wireless, I connect to my printer wireless, and my printer is also wireless.
    My OS is windows7. My Printer is an Epson SX610FW
    My ISP is Sky; I use a Sky Router, manufactured by Sagecom. My laptop is a Samsung using the 64 bit OS.
    I have not changed any settings in ZA, (Wish I knew where they were).
    My Printer worked perfectly well before I installed ZA.



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    Default Re: Printer Through Firewall

    See the suggestion from Eyeware that should do it. A reboot may be needed. Also ensure windows 7 router connection via wireless is set to "Home".

    In all ZA installed ensure that the "network" in the ZA firewall zone is set to "TRUSTED" and not Internet.
    Ensure that your ZA trusted zone is set to MEDIUM and not HIGH.

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    Eyeware Guest

    Default Re: Printer Through Firewall

    Brian to get to the settings just double click on the Blue icon with a Z in it that should be on you task bar in the bottom right hand corner. Or right click on the Z and select SHOW MONITOR.

    A window will appear with 2 or 3 boxes in that window, one of the boxes will say Firewall just click on that box. Another window will open and the basic firewall options will be at the top, click on the word settings to access the Zone settings for the firewall. Change the setting using the info that has already been posted here.

    If that still puzzles you you will have to read the help pages accessed from ZA window.

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