Dear forum.

When i joined the forum it was about asking how to setup zonealarm firewall so it can be used with the Danish/Denmark system named " NEMID" that is used by all banks and most government websites.

If you have problems with the little JAVA box where you need to enter your ID and code then your firewall is properbly protecting you.
On the screen your "bug" will look like the circle logo just keep going and going without ever finishing..

This is how you make "java" load the little square logon box

Open Zonealarm and the software will open and show 3 big square boxes
named..: computer protect, internet protect, identy and data protect.
Choose the left one named computer protect.

Next find the location where it say " ADVANCED FIREWALL "
On that horrisontal line you will to the far right find a buttom named "Settings"
Press Settings.

On the next page you will see two horisontal bars that you can move with your mouse.
You need to pull the top one so it change protection to "Med."
And the bottom one wil also change to "Med"

That is all you have to do now your "NEMID" java will work, and you can now use the public/government logon system.

If someone know how to keep zonealarm do this when everything is set to HIGH settings in the firwall then please provide a guide.
I have tried the advanced settings and tried alot of different solutions to tell zonealarm that it should "accept" example my homebank webpage as being safe. But no matter what I do it will simply not allow me to connect when security is high and that prevent Java to work. The problem is that this JAVA software that run the security system NEMID actually read 5 or 6 hardware ID codes on your computer and then use that while you connect to prevent bad people from doing bad stuff.
But when JAVA cannot get access due to the zonealarm firewall set to high then it will not work.... So if anyone know how to do it in Advanced settings then please tell me how, maybe even make a youtube video / guide.