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Thread: Complaint/Query Bad Install of ZA Extreme Security

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    Default Complaint/Query Bad Install of ZA Extreme Security


    I renewed my Zone Alarm Extreme Security (+/- GBP35) for the year 2012/2013 on the 9th May and I received a confirmation email. However, I kept getting pop-ups saying that my Zone Alarm installation needs to be renewed and I have x days to do so. I contacted the support chat line and was given a work around, however, the process involved removing my current installation and re-installing. Now I have the free version which does not cover the full extreme security package that I PAID for. I am most disappointed as I have Zone Alarm for a good number of years. I am loathe to revert to an 'opposition' package, but if I have to, due to poor service from Check Point/Zone Alarm, I will. Incidentally, I have emailed my problem on three separate occasions and not received a satisfactory reply although I did receive a computerised (non-reply) emails by return.
    I look forward to a resolution.

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    Default Re: Complaint/Query Bad Install of ZA Extreme Security

    You downloaded the wrong software when you went to reinstall if you now have the Free version.

    You can find download links for our software in the knowledge base in the support section of the website.

    This was not the fault of support. You downloaded the wrong version to reinstall.

    Contact support once and you have a small issue and you don't contact them again to figure out things and just throwing up your hands in anger and saying your going back to the competition is silly and ridiculous.

    If your not willing to work with support more than just one single time well then your not going to get it fixed.

    Also note you are NOT emailing support and not getting responses.
    Support has no email address so whomever your emailing is not support at all. So that complaint is moot.

    If you want this fixed goto the support page and use the live chat which is open 24x7 for help.
    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday__ 24x6
    Closed Sundays and Holidays PST

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