I renewed my Zone Alarm Extreme Security (+/- GBP35) for the year 2012/2013 on the 9th May and I received a confirmation email. However, I kept getting pop-ups saying that my Zone Alarm installation needs to be renewed and I have x days to do so. I contacted the support chat line and was given a work around, however, the process involved removing my current installation and re-installing. Now I have the free version which does not cover the full extreme security package that I PAID for. I am most disappointed as I have Zone Alarm for a good number of years. I am loathe to revert to an 'opposition' package, but if I have to, due to poor service from Check Point/Zone Alarm, I will. Incidentally, I have emailed my problem on three separate occasions and not received a satisfactory reply although I did receive a computerised (non-reply) emails by return.
I look forward to a resolution.