Versione ZoneAlarm Extreme Security:
versione vsmon:
Versione driver:
Versione motore antivirus:
Versione file DAT delle firme antivirus:1085815008
Versione antispam:
ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.350.0
Rilevatore spyware di ZoneAlarm ForceField:1.5.350.0
Database anti-phishing di ZoneAlarm ForceField:
Database siti di spyware di ZoneAlarm ForceField:04.155

just spent more than one day to solve this problem.
At last I have 3 machines all with ZAES:

- 1 with WIN XP SP3 Home Edition >>>>>> java 7 applet works fine
- 1 with WIN 7 Home 32 bit >>>>>> DOES NOT WORK
- 1 with WIN 7 PRO 64 bit >>>>>> DOES NOT WORK

i.e. problem should be between ZAES AND WIN 7 !
Reverted on Jre 6.32 awaiting for news....