My Windows 7 Home started having problems installing some updates, about 2 weeks ago. This started with KB2709715. The update would attempt to install but would never register as the installation being fully completed. Eventually, I contacted Microsoft and one of the Customer Advocacy Techs started assisting in resolving this issue. Apparently, the resolution was not only to remove my Zone Alarm Extreme Security, but to also run the "Clean" software to remove most traces of ZA, off my computer. After this the Windows 7 updates performed correctly.
Once it was verified that Windows 7 was updating an functioning correctly, I attempted to reinstall ZA Extreme Security. Although this software worked before the Windows 7 updates, now it causes errors consistently. I would post screen shots, but that is apparently not allowed here. Anyway, the error is related to "Ordinal 1110 could not be located in the dynamic link library WSOCK32.dll" And once this starts, it does not allow any updates to ZA Extreme Security or the running of the "Clean" software, in order to again remove ZA. Additionally, I have noticed that I can not log on to my ZA Account, on line, unless I reboot my computer. Then I can log on once and have to reboot again, in order to log on again.

Is there still a email Tech Support available ? I have used this in the past but now it appears it is no longer available. This is very frustrating, not being able to get any Tech Support when needed.