Installed ZA Free FW version with Identity Protections version 1.5.388.0 on a Windows XP Pro version 2002 with Service Pack 3.

On the main account (administrator with PW), no problem. But I prefer normally to use for Web connections (Internet and Mails) a second account of the same PC, with limited rights (No PW).

I tryed first with the 2nd account also having administrator rights, but when I choose it at first start up (means only active account), the ZA Free FW launch pops up an error message with no text inside and as a result the Identity Protection is not enabled. Same behaviour with 2nd account having limited rights (not admin).

This situation doesn't occur if I start the PC from the main account (admin) and I switch to the 2nd account, keeping the main alive.

Should be possible to avoid this and getting the Identity Protection enabled when the main account is off and I work only with the second account ?
Need to install (twice) separately ZA Free FW from the 2nd account ?
Thanks for any support.