Hi, im a new user of Zone Alarm free and im concerned about this nagging prompting to install the anti virus everyday, especially the way its worded and shows a warning icon on the task bar and suggests there is security updates over due, instead of passing this off as a bug and saying people should ignore it why dont you explain why its taking so long to fix ?

is it because the intention of it is to trick novice users into thinking they have to install your other software to be secure again or the pop ups and warnings will not stop otherwise ? if it is then its no different to the tactics used by alot of rogue programs and not something id expect from a well established company

If it is just a bug then why not fix it ? its making me want to uninstall zone alarm and use a free firewall that doesnt keep saying security updates are overdue when really its just an constant ad for your anti virus program nagging me all day everyday, im happy with my current anti virus program so shouldnt try force yours onto people as just makes your company look desperate, if its just a bug and not a sales tactic can you fix it please

Many Thanks