I wanted to find out if it was possible to configure ZA Extreme such that by default the "Always Remember" box is unchecked when I am in manual mode. This used to be the default behavior in past versions, but moving the ZA 10 the exact opposite is true. I understand the feeling of the ZA team that "Always Remember" is the more likely selection for many, but I doubt users that always accept every query are using manual mode in the first place.

I prefer that my programs only call out when necessary, rather than always allowing so the program can provide its mined data back to the marketing teams. Obviously there are times that one needs to allow the program to call out, but I am so used to the behavior of past ZA versions that I often accept without un-checking the always remember and then I have to dig around in the Applications page to remove it or blow away all settings if I can't find the obsure executable name in the vast list of permission settings.