Appears that zonealarm driver vsdatant.sys file is initiating some havoc with my computer and causing a corruption in my fltmgr.sys functioning, which causes a sudden BSOD when under heavy loads like video editing... I am analysing minidump files and running various Verifier.exe tests to determine this..... event viewer just gives me kernel error 41 regarding unexpected shut down... run sfc /scannow, and chkdsk /r , all good.

vsdatant is continuously blamed in the minidump... fltmgr is consistently named the culprit in the blue screen.

windows 7 64x, I7 2600, SSD drives, stability test for everything ok via AIDA64.

pretty sure its ZoneAlarm. currently running solid (knock on wood) with ZA uninstalled. would like to be installed.

anybody have similar issue and have known fix?