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    Default Zone Alarm Free 102.068

    Hi Folks,

    I've been enjoying using Zone alarm for a long time now.
    I installed free version 102.068 some days ago on several of my PCs; one under XP SP3, the other under Vista.

    Apparently, the firewall operates OK, but, when I open the Z.A. control panel, I only get an empty frame, on which I see my desktop through
    Absolutely no option appears, so I can't even control what my network parameters are, nor any configuration options...

    Would you be kind and take a look at it and tell me if ti's a bug to be corrected in a further release, or did I messed the install ???

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Edit: I just installed V 102.072 and it does just the same ... (worked fine with V 102.065 )

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Free 102.068


    sorry all users here and ZA free does not offer official support. Have you actually tried to search for the problem here? There should be several threads about it with solutions.

    for example:

    Go to the control panel, select "regional/language options" (or whatever its name in your language is).
    Select the leftmost tab "regional options" and change the language in the upper area to "English (USA)".
    Select the rightmost tab "advanced" and change the language for non-unicode-programs to "English (USA)".
    Maybe your XP install cd is required (if the language isn't already on disk).
    Read this thread:

    [SOLVED] ZA Blank Screen --> Norton conflict

    [Fix] ZoneAlarm User Interface Blank

    or older:

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Free 102.068

    This also can be a issue with an incompatible screen resolution or its an older graphics card or an old driver.

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