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Thread: ZA & VirtualBox Integration

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    markfilipak Guest

    Question ZA & VirtualBox Integration

    Notwithstanding this:
    No version of ZoneAlarm is supported under any type of VM from any company. - Forum Moderator
    which is understood, I'd like to open a discussion of integrating ZoneAlarm with VirtualBox. It profits Oracle/Sun to provide VirtualBox (and to provision a users' forum), so I assume that it would profit CheckPoint/ZoneAlarm to allow this discussion. Who knows where it would lead.

    Host OS: WinXP.
    Guest OS: WinXP.

    Question 1: If I bridge the guest to a host that already has ZA installed, is the guest behind the host's firewall? (...I would guess no.) How would a person test this?

    Question 2: If I add a soft, 2-port router driver to the host, and I connect the host and the guest to it before I install ZA, and I then install ZA, are the host and the guest behind the firewall? How would a person test this?

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    Sure its no problem if you open the discussion but no one from ZA can help or comment at all. Maybe another user might have experience with it and answer your questions.

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    markfilipak Guest

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    Thank you. That's very friendly. I might not get any responses, but then again, who knows, eh? I think ZA is the only firewall to use. I've gotten many clients to buy it. Perhaps it is the best firewall for virtual machines too. Right now, it looks like 96 MB will be lost in the VM by installing ZoneAlarm with antivirus, but if the guest VM can be put behind the firewall (i.e., loaded ahead of vsdatant.sys) then it would save memory in the guest (i.e., it would decrease the amount of memory taken from the host).

    Why not share the firewall with the guest? It makes sense, does it not? All we need is to add a router and - voila! - ZoneAlarm becomes a NAT router with extra intelligence. Would that be bad? Damn. I think it would be revolutionary and would gain ZoneAlarm even more praise. Think about it.

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