I have used ZoneAlarm for years without encountering any issue but I have a problem since I installed the latest version (French).

Here is what I get when I click “About” (It is in French but you’ll understand easily):

Version: ZoneAlarm Firewall Gratuit (= Free):
Version Vsmon:
Version du pilote:
Version des protections de l’identité Web: 1.5.388.0

My OS : Windows Vista Ultimate SP2

Antivirus software: avast! 7.0.1451 (Free version)

I get a warning symbol on the ZoneAlarm icon in the System Tray. On hover a tooltip says that checking the latest updates is late. Updating doesn’t remove the warning symbol.

Furthermore, when I click on the icon to open ZoneAlarm to see the programs parameters, I get a transparent window with nothing inside.

So I can’t see the programs blocked by ZoneAlarm anymore or modify any parameter.

I tried to uninstall ZoneAlarm and reinstall it. The warning symbol disappeared for a while but reappeared a couple of days later.

As for the ZoneAlarm window, it is still transparent and so totally unusable.

I hope you can help me.