This may not be the proper thread to post to. I presently have (the PAID) ZAExtreme Security installed, version (because the last update was impossible to deal with). I have been updating Firefox (current browser) on an on-going basis, and have seen that the Force Field is not supported by Firefox.

I now note that there is another update to the ZAES,, which apparently others are having a problem with compatibility with Firefox as well. What is your recommendation? I am being hit by getting hi-jacked & malware being dropped on the browser. One reason I did not keep the last ZAES version was because it tries to force its own AV program on the user and I want to keep the EsetNOD32 which I have, however it did not affect the functionality of the ZAES program when I turned the ZA AV function off. It was only when Firefox began updating its program that I encountered problems. I have NO Zone Alarm Tool bar showing at the top of the web pages.

What would you recommend? That I upgrade to the latest ZAES (upgrade is available to me I - - only need to click on it), and downgrade to a lower Version of Firefox? I am at a loss as to the reason these two programs are not compatible and I do not have the security I desperately need. The "alerts" function reflects blocks from various sources, however it seems that it is only my browser security which is being impaired. I have the PAID version of the ZAES. OS Windows XP SP 3. ZAES is the only program I have to protect the computer other than the EsetNOD32 AV. Also I do not know how to downgrade the Firefox to an earlier version (if there is one that is compatible).

Thank you for any advice you may be able to provide.