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Thread: ZA free firewall won't install and work

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    Default ZA free firewall won't install and work

    I'm trying to install ZA free firewall so it works on my new machine (i7 3770, 3.40 Ghz, 16Gig ram, 64 BIT). I first downloaded the firewall / antivirus, just did not install the antivirus part. It worked for a while, then had compatibility issues.

    I uninstalled, then downloaded the firewall only file and the ZAclean file. I tried deleting temp files, used msconfig to disable other things, then tried all over again twice.

    I have had two chats starting with the uninstalls ( ~~snip~~ ). ZA seems to install, but won't run, no icon on the taskbar, can't start it manually, and it blocks my browser (SeaMonkey, same kernel as FireFox) until I uninstall ZA.

    I'd really like to use ZA, I have used it for years on several machines, and never had this kind of problems!!!
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    Default Re: ZA free firewall won't install and work


    ...and welcome to this user forum.

    Sorry all users here no ZA staff monitoring this board. You may want to read some of the recent threads about clean install of ZAfree and see if you find any procedure that can help you.

    The latest versions are publsihed here:
    Looking for the latest version?


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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