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Thread: Encription with windows backup

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    Default Encription with windows backup

    The following three question refer to Window 7, Control Panel, Backup and Restore.

    1) Is the file and settings backup encripted?

    2) Is the full image copy backup encripted?

    3) If you restore the backup from a full image copy will it be encripted?

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    this is applicable to most encryption software including windows 7 bitlocker. If the backup is stored in the encrypted disk (e.g. in C then yes, the backup is also encrypted. However, if the backup is stored on USB or external HD then the backup is not encrypted. The latter should be the normal approach as backup on the same system disk is rather useless (e.g. your HD brakes)

    So, under normal conditions the answers to your questions is NO

    If you want an encrypted backup then you will need to use a third party backup software with an encryption feature as windows 7 backup does not have it.


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