You will roll your eyes at this question - Sorry.

I'm using:
Windows XP Home SP3 (with all updates)
Zone Alarm
Excel 97 (OK - roll your eyes now)

My problem:
I'm using an Excel 97 macro (written in the old Lotus 123 language format) so that the macro can be used for data entry. (You can roll your eyes again but newer Excel versions and the VBasic macros won't allow me to pause the macro for user input.) Part of the macro does a copy and paste.

After updating to ZoneAlarm 10.2, the macro will fail at the "paste" command. I get the error message "Cannot empty the clipboard".

When I unload ZoneAlarm, the macro works fine.

In ZA, Excel is assigned to "Super" trust level.

I can manually copy and paste even if ZoneAlarm is loaded. The copy/paste function only fails in a macro.

Any ideas?