Greetings - I hope this Q is in the appropriate forum. I've had ZoneAlarm Pro firewall (no AntiVirus, no AntiSpam) for the past 5 years. I use another product for AntiVirus and AntiSpam. I do NOT like or want one product for ALL my protection! (Too many problems fixing things if that ONE product, what ever it is, has problems )

Last week my ZA Pro said there was an update. I accepted it. The welcome splash screen said my ZA Pro version NOW includes AntiVirus protection, which I do NOT want!! Grrrrrr. I've un-installed ZA Pro, removed checkpoint folders, and downloaded and installed a file ending with 073_000.exe as per instructions from chatting on-line with tech support. I have chatted on-line with tech support THREE times, and they constantly say the same thing (un-install, remove folder, download and re-install the 073_000.exe).

HOW do I get back my ZA Pro Firewall, without any extra components ??