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Thread: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version

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    AlanDeGolmon Guest

    Default Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version

    Hello Everyone,
    I just upgraded to Zone Alarm Free Firewall version

    I now get the "Security Update Overdue" popups and "!" indicator on the tray icon. If I right-click on the icon and select "Update Now", I get another popup telling me that the product is up to date.

    Does anyone know how to make the popups go away? Per other threads on this topic, I see that the problem was present in version, and resolved in version Looks like it's back.

    System Details:

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

    Zone Alarm: (downloaded from ZA website); configured with Firewall and ID Protection ACTIVE, Anti-Virus INACTIVE

    Antivirus: AVG 2012.0.2197

    Previous version of Zone Alarm:

    Hope this is enough information. If it isn't, please let me know what else I should include here.

    Thanks for your time,
    Alan DeGolmon

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    Default Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version


    A.) you may have a bad or Corrupted ZA Install, if you installed over the old ZA Free install..
    B.) Antivirus: AVG 2012.0.2197
    may block or conflict with the New Version 10.2 of Zone Alarm Free + anti-virus..
    you can ONLY have one (1) Anti-virus program Installed on the Computer (disabling the 2nd installed anti-virus is not good enough it must be uninstalled)

    C.) NOTICE: if you do not want the Anti-Virus provided with ZA Free + AV, then you must Uninstall ZA and Download the ZA Free ONLY version without AV..

    try this to fix your problem..

    it would be important, before trying to troubleshoot the issue, to update to the latest version of ZAfree (we are at version

    1. Remove your current ZA from Win7 (control Panel / uninstall a program:
    2. Reboot computer
    3. Download to desktop and run the ZA removal tool <=click here
    4. Reboot computer
    5. Download the latest version of ZAfree from here: <=click here

    6. Install default options, do not alter any settings to be sure to start from a clean set-up.
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    Default Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version

    It is possible you ported the old 064 settings to the new version. It is essential you start clean and remove any left overs from previous version. Follow GURU GeorgeV suggestions to the letter ....

    See here: [SOLVED] ZA Free claims update needed but will not update

    The issue was fixed already in version

    Quote Originally Posted by panowest View Post
    I just wanted to confirm to those posting about the ZA Update Needed error that the new version is working and did clear up the problem for me.....
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    Default Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version


    Before try to fix the issue or making any changes.

    Could you upload your logs to us.

    This might help us understand the issue better and improve the software in a later release.

    1. Click Start >> All Programs >> Check Point >> ZoneAlarm
    2. Click ZoneAlarm Diagnostic Tool
    3. Click the Collect Data button
    4. Type in your email in the email address field & in the case number field.
    5. Click Ok
    6. Your logs are gathered, compressed and uploaded to us.
    No personal information is in these logs. These are logs from the application for debugging purposes only.

    Please reply back here to let us know there upload successfully.

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    Thumbs up Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version

    Hi there.

    I had a similar problem to Alan with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security last week:

    • Security Update Overdue popups.
    • "Update Error" when I attempted to update.
    • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - no other antivirus/firewall programs installed

    I followed GeorgeV's instructions to the letter and it fixed the problem. It took about 2.5 hours from problem discovery to problem fixed, but I'm grateful these forums are here. I wouldn't have been so quick to do a complete uninstall/clean/install without the advice.

    Afterwards, I discovered what I believe caused the problem: a little program called NetLimiter. It was doing a great job of limiting the bandwidth use of background programs on my computers, but when I installed the latest NetLimiter update on a 2nd computer and the same ZoneAlarm problem started, the penny dropped. Everything seemed to be living in harmony once I reinstalled ZoneAlarm, but I didn't want to take any chances - I've uninstalled NetLimiter.

    ** Forum-Moderator: I uploaded the diagnostic tool logs on the 18th of August - 1:30pm Eastern Australia Time (+10h GMT). I used a different email address in the log report (sorry). If you contact me privately, I can give you more details. **


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    Default Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version


    I am afraid your problem is completely different. I have moved your post in a separate thread and changed the title . The issue discussed in the other thread is about the free firewall only that gives warning on a antivirus part that should not be there.

    In your case you have ZA Extreme that comes with antivirus and the warning may be legitimate.

    In any case thank you for contribution, its good to know for other user that the software you have installed blocks ZA from updating.

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