Hi guys and gals,

So I've been a ZoneAlarm Firewall user for quite a number of years now, well actually since I first got a PC way back in 2001. Now I've had ZA Pro for a few seasons. Most of the time everything works safe and sound, but occasionally there's a little hiccup...which is usually easily resolved...but sometimes it poses a little more of a problem than just a reboot.

This one is a bit easy to get around, and also kinda maybe not the safest way to get around it.

OK, enough waffle.

I have DaemonTools running and want to mount an image file to a vIDE device.
I can mount to a normal virtual drive without issues, just like in MagicISO, mount unmount all day long.

The problem is with the vIDE device. It requires something to be installed SPTD or whatnot. Well, I say yeah, reboot and after booting it still doesn't work, asking for me to re-install, reboot...I could go on forever doing this and get no where.

However, the cure seems to be to disable the ZA Web security, just switching it to off allows me to add a new vIDE device, reboot and it's there ready to support mounted image files, no problems.
As soon as I re-engage the web security component, the vIDE device stays active, but any mounted image is unmounted and DaemonTools looses the ability to see the device, and thus cannot mount to it, or infact remove the virtual device!

So...I have a workaround. But I don't think I should be switching off web security!

Is the web security component just related to web surfing, ie when using the browser to actually go to pages? does it need to be active when a web page is known to be safe, and is just sitting idle? should it be on all the time regardless?
Can I negate the need for the service by running my browser with incognito window?

I know ZA guys will says it's a DaemonTools issue, and something to do with the way they setup their device emulation. I've read that before, and that DT will release a version that goes about things a different way...well my version of DT is later than the proposed version where fixes would have been implemented.

So can I be safe with that service off? whilst I do what I need to with a vIDE drive? Should I avoid web browsing?