I experienced the problem of ZAES 10.1.079 going into full scan with every reboot. So I contacted chat support and they described the uninstall, clean.exe, and install 10.2.074 procedure, which I believe is covered elsewhere in the forum.

Now I have issues in which Firefox 14 crashes in mid-load of certain web pages, displaying the error "Firefox can't find the file at jar:file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Mozilla Firefox/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/undefinedapi-public.addthis.comurl/shares.json?" followed by the URL affected.

Tech support at ZA says this is due to Java 7 problems with many firewalls, that Oracle is working on it, and that I should uninstall Java 7 and go back to 6. However, it only started for me after I updated ZAES today, and now the problem is quite frequent.

Anyone else experiencing this, or have any take on it?

Running Win 7.