I've been getting the "subscription expiring soon" warning for a while now and it dropped to 3 days. I went to check the ZA site and see how much renewing it would cost and saw that the standard AV+firewall is free. I opened control panel and uninstalled my old ZA which was the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.

I downloaded the newest version (102_074_000) of antivirus+firewall. When I went to install it I was given an error saying a previous version needs to be uninstalled - regardless of which option I click (Yes to uninstall the old ver, no to exit) the installer exits.

I then hunted down and deleted everything related to zonealarm or checkpoint on my hard drive and registry and the error is still popping up.

What file(s) does the zoneAlarm installer check for to see if another installation is already present?