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    Is there an lazy/lame programming movement to request internet access via (as prompted by Zone Alarm dialog box)?
    Is there a way to configure Zone Alarm to block internet access via while allowing applications localhost access?

    I noticed that a number of applications (including Firefox) that request internet access via (applications that I have launched).
    I have seen this on a number of occasions and I am almost positive that it is not a virus, Trojan Horse, etc. (like 99.999% sure, but no one is perfect).

    I block them, and proceed on the way, but this prompting is not unusual.
    I am not a network expert, but I have seen it stated before that is not a internet address, but internet access is what the Zone Alarm dialog box is using for a phrase.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Tracey

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    right click the ZA icon near the clock, about, copy to clipboard, paste it here. Also specify the operating system that you have.

    Your ZA is most probably misconfigurated. is your PC (= localhost). Software needs to access to this address (your PC) to work properly. You most likely have an old ZA? A misconfigured ZA? A corrupted ZA?

    The easiest solution is to remove ZA from the control panel (uninstall a program in windows 7, add/remove a program in XP).
    Run the ZA removal tool and install the latest version that you find here: Looking for the latest version?

    Use the default settings and you will be fine.

    Also read this: What is

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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