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    Default Free Firewall Download Protection

    I have loaded the latest version of the Free Firewall ( on to three computers, all of which run Windows XP SP3 with the latest patches. On two of the PCs (the laptops as it happens) I get the CheckPoint dialogue when I try download software. But with the third PC (a desktop) I just get the standard Windows download dialogue. Strange!

    I can't find a setting to enable or disable CheckPoint dialogue feature and would like an explanation of why I'm getting different results with the same software.

    Many thanks.

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    runner_bean Guest

    Smile Re: Free Firewall Download Protection

    Spot on about the plug-ins. All my browsers are the same (IE8) but for some reason the Check Point plugins were not enabled on my desktop. Now that they are, the download check is carried out as required.

    I think the only possible difference is that I didn't give my email address for registration when I loaded the software onto my desktop PC. Maybe the download check is the bonus you get for doing that...

    Many thanks for your support.

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