I installed ZA free on 2 of my computers to try it out. Installation on notebook with vista is fine.

The problem is with the "community" computer. The one with the printer and the external back up drive.

XP with service pack 3 and as up to date as it gets.
Latest free version of ZA.
Firefox is the default browser, as on the vista install that works.

I've had 2 chat sessions with tech support and they had no idea and told me to join this forum for a better chance at an answer, so here I am.

In the zone alarm window under the right most tab the

Web Identity Protections

is red and OFF. There is NOTHING I can do to turn it on, either manually or with the "fix" buttons. This is the ONLY thing that does not work.

No other anti virus or malware programs are running.

If I log on as any of the 6 users on this computer it's still the same. However if I "switch" users it works?!?!?!?

Any advice greatly appreciated. If this is the incorrect forum category, please advise so I can re post in the correct one.