I am running XP. I previously had zonealarm and it expired. I wanted to install fresh so uninstalled the expired version. Yesterday I bought and downloaded Zonealarm Extreme Security. After reboot, network connection said I was connected to my internet wireless hotspot. However, I could not get on the internet using either IE or Firefox.

I connected to the internet with my mac and tried to use the livechat for tech support, but it would not work. I applied for access to this user forum, but after waiting 4 hours and not recieving access, I called the only number I could find for zonealarm (sales and refunds number) and spoke with someone (who was not a nice person and hung up on me) who basically told me to uninstall the product and then contact tech support through live chat because there is no phone suppport for the product except for $2.99 per minute.

So last night, I uninstalled the product and my internet connection works fine. I also ran the clean.exe.

I now need to re-download Extreme Security and re-install. I am on a limited data usage plan so want to ensure it is going to work correctly this time.

I tried using the livechat tech support as the (not nice) salesperson advised, but it does not work from my PC either.

So I am turing to the community here. Does anyone have any tips to prevent the problem I experienced of no internet connection after installation and reboot? Or any other problems I might encounter.

thank you for your help!