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Thread: XP 64-bit is no longer Supported

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    Angry XP 64-bit is no longer Supported

    Hello. I'm new to this forum though I've used the product for awhile. Also, I searched here but could not find anything using "XP 64 bit." That could be because of my ignorance on using the forum, though. My question:

    Is there a ZoneAlarm Free version that works with Windows XP 64-bit?

    I just built a new system, and though I love Windows 7, I'm choosing to install Windows XP and opted for 64-bit to make use of more memory

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Smile Re: XP 64-bit

    I'm sorry that you did not read any of the Sticky Post near the top of the Helpful Hints & Links section..

    Sticky: Does Any version of ZA run on WinXP x64? <= click here

    Sorry, NO version of Zone Alarm will install on 64-bit Windows XP or WinXP Pro 64-bit..
    There are no plans to support XP 64-Bit.

    ZA 9.1 is Now Windows 7 32/64bit compatible
    Also compatible with XP 32bit and Vista 32/64bit

    Here is the official statement from ZoneAlarm on discontinuing support for 98/ME/SE and 2000 operating systems.

    Windows lifecycle fact sheet:

    "ZoneAlarm does not support ZoneAlarm installations on Servers operating systems at this time.
    ZoneAlarm was designed specifically for Client Applications on an Endpoint machine."
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