I just purchased a new desktop computer yesterday with Windows 7 installed. I installed Zone Alarm and Avast Free Edition as soon as the computer was setup and all preinstalled protection was removed. With both of my newly installed protection programs running at the same time and visiting Speedtest.net or my Roadrunner broadband test sites, the download test runs fine, but when it starts the upload test starts, I get a message saying "Upload test error. Upload test returned an error while trying to read the upload file". Now....if I disable Zone Alarm, BOTH tests work fine. I then re-enable Zone Alarm and have the same problem. Then I shut down Avast, and again...BOTH tests run fine until each program is enabled together again.

I have both of these programs installed on 3 other XP computers and have not had any problem with those. It's just this new computer. Everything is set the exact same way on all of them in the setting for these programs.

What could be causing this? What can I do to correct the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.