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Thread: ZA won't let HP printer print

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    Default ZA won't let HP printer print

    I am using Dell PC running Windows 7 Pro. Have ZASS ver. 9.3
    Just installed HP 7510 Photosmart all in one printer. I can't print unless I turn off Zone Alarm. What setting is making this happen?

    Thank you.

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    first of all, as you know, you are running a non supported version of ZASS. It includes an old version of the antivirus and overall subomptimal protection as compared to latest version. First rule in security, always keep your software fully up to date. Security software evolves to keep up with threads out there. Running an old security is like running no security.

    If you decide to install the latest version its important you fully remove ZA9 before installing ZA 10.2. Running the latest version ZA removal tool (clean.exe) after remove version 9 may also help.

    You find the ZA removal tool here:

    While latest versions are published here:
    Looking for the latest version?

    Not sure it is linked at all but also ensure you are not running JAVA version 7 but JAVA version 6 as the latest version conflicts with ZA. See here:
    Strange access issues with Java 7 conflict
    Also consider that current Java 7 suffers from a very serious vulnerability and should be disabled.

    If you do not want to update ZA to the latest version then you are basically alone. There are several threads with solution on HP printer. Use the search function of this board, search for "HP print" and try all what suggested in the many threads about it.

    No other suggestions from my side.

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