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Thread: Zonealarm and routers

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    Default Zonealarm and routers

    I'm using a generic router for security reasons. I was told that using a router and a firewall was the best security solution for a residential user.

    However installing zonealarm on my mom's computer i read zonealarm had technology to hide my computer from the internet which i'm pretty sure my router doesn't do.

    So my question is this: Should i use a router for internet security with zonealarm or just zonealarm?

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    If properly configured a router will stealth all ports (check user manual of the router used). This way you will have your router taking care of all unsolicited inbound connection (internet --> your PC) and ZA concentrating on unsolicited outbound connection (your PC --> Internet).

    So, its good to run an hardware firewall and a software firewall.


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