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Thread: Version STILL won't update for me

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    Default Re: Version STILL won't update for me

    Something additional to check for, on top of what Fax and George have instructed you to do.

    Security apps don't always fully remove themselves when uninstalled.
    Here are removal apps for Avast and AVG.

    Follow the directions at each links. Its not a simple as just running the tool. Avast requires to you boot to safe mode, AVG you must know the exact version of there software to download the right removal tool.


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    SteveDC Guest

    Default Re: Version STILL won't update for me

    OK, just ran both these and still get the error.

    It looks like a connection error since it never gets past the connecting stage.

    Not sure if this is relevant or not but the firewall always asks me about AnyDVD every time I boot, even though I have told it to remember the settings. It doesn't remember the settings for AnyDVD. AnyDVD is not updating itself since it is the trial version and won't update itself. I have also blocked it

    I appreciate all your help trying to sort this.


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    Default Re: Version STILL won't update for me


    Ok, the fact that ZA keep asking you the same is not a good sign. It means that he cannot save the settings. This can be related to:

    - Broken registry permission or folder permissions.
    - Incorrect of forced XP shutdown
    - Conflicts with other applications
    - Malware infections
    - Frequent hangs or crash of the system.

    Follow ALL the steps below. Missing one step could mean not doing it properly and loosing time. You need to perform all steps log-in as administrator

    1) Remove ZA from XP add/remove programs

    2) Reboot the PC

    3) Download on to your desktop the ZA removal tool

    4) Right click the removal tool and "run as administrator"

    5) Reboot

    6) Manually look for "checkpoint" folder in your "C:/program files/" and remove it (if there).

    7) Look manually for "checkpoint" folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name>\Application Data\* (this folder is hidden and you will need to make it show in XP). Remove it. Empty the recycle bin. Don't go to the next step unless you are able to remove these folders (if there)

    8) Fully remove winpatrol (not enough disabling it)

    9) Double check you have really removed all other security tools by running this utility . Look for left overs of security tools

    10) Clean your system and registry with

    11) Reboot

    12) Turn ON XP windows firewall and check that you are able to do so and everything works.

    13) Re-download the latest version of ZAfree + AV. HERE.
    DO NOT ALTER ANY SETTINGS. Just choose "custom" if you do not want to install the toolbar but do NOT change any default settings other than the toolbar

    14) Do NOT alter any settings during use. Do not block anything.

    Now try to use the system and see if it works. Do not modify anything up to when you are sure everything works OK.

    If you have still problems then I am afraid there are some custom system changes that do not allow ZA to work correctly.


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    SteveDC Guest

    Default Re: Version STILL won't update for me

    Thanks Fax. I will try this and see what happens. It will be a week or so before I can check since ZA will be OK with the new download until it thinks it is out of date.

    Again, I really appreciate your help.


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