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Thread: [ALERT!] NetLimiter prevents ZA from updating

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    Default [ALERT!] NetLimiter prevents ZA from updating

    Hi there.

    I had a similar problem to Alan with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security last week:

    • Security Update Overdue popups.
    • "Update Error" when I attempted to update.
    • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - no other antivirus/firewall programs installed

    I followed GeorgeV's instructions to the letter and it fixed the problem. It took about 2.5 hours from problem discovery to problem fixed, but I'm grateful these forums are here. I wouldn't have been so quick to do a complete uninstall/clean/install without the advice.

    Afterwards, I discovered what I believe caused the problem: a little program called NetLimiter. It was doing a great job of limiting the bandwidth use of background programs on my computers, but when I installed the latest NetLimiter update on a 2nd computer and the same ZoneAlarm problem started, the penny dropped. Everything seemed to be living in harmony once I reinstalled ZoneAlarm, but I didn't want to take any chances - I've uninstalled NetLimiter.

    ** Forum-Moderator: I uploaded the diagnostic tool logs on the 18th of August - 1:30pm Eastern Australia Time (+10h GMT). I used a different email address in the log report (sorry). If you contact me privately, I can give you more details. **


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    Default Re: Security Update Overdue - problem returned with version


    I am afraid your problem is completely different. I have moved your post in a separate thread and changed the title . The issue discussed in the other thread is about the free firewall only that gives warning on a antivirus part that should not be there.

    In your case you have ZA Extreme that comes with antivirus and the warning may be legitimate.

    Please note that NetLimiter comes with a firewall. Golden rule of security: "Never run two firewalls or two antivirus at the same time"
    Is NetLimiter able to prevent any programs from accessing the internet?

    In any case thank you for contribution, its good to know for other user that the software you have installed blocks ZA from updating.
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