Because Firefox 15 patched vulnerabilities over Firefox 14 [see: ] I of course updated to Firefox 15.

Though the current version of Zonealarm's browser plugin is now compatible with Firefox 14, it is not compatible with Firefox 15. You probably already know this.

Since Zonealarm free is now a virus scanner as well as a firewall, I have decided to try using them both, so I have also upgraded to the latest Zonealarm product.

I think it's a good idea to use the latest versions of any security-related product, as well as the latest versions of any product where those versions have patched a security vulnerability.

I'm just wondering when the extension that comes with the latest version of Zonealarm (this version or future versions) will be compatible with the latest version of Firefox (this version or future versions).

Is there a plan for these two things to coincide in the future?

If I upgrade to a paid version, does the Firefox extension for the latest version of ZoneAlarm already work with the latest version of Firefox, or is it the same situation as for free users? I am curious because I'd like to upgrade to the paid version this semester but I don't like what seems to be a repeating issue over the last several years.