Hi folks,

OK, so I spent 2 whole days (late into the evening on both) and a morning trying to set up internet sharing from my desktop to create a WiFi Access Point for our netbook to use.

The hookup is as follows:
Cable broadband > ISP's Cable Modem > Ethernet RJ45 > Desktop PC Ethernet > MS ICS / Realtek AP software > Desktop PC WiFi (in AP mode) > Netbook WiFi.

Ok, well eventually I got it working this morning, but I had to drop the Public Zone Advanced Firewall setting to Medium.

I have ZA Pro 10, and looked for other settings to change that would allow the ICS connection, but wouldn't compromise anything else, but I didn't find anything.

So, I would normally be using High level firewall on Public, but this simply kills the internet access on the netbook (it still see's the network however).

So does anyone know what settings I would have to change on the high setting to allow the connection to work, without compromising my Desktop PC security?

Desktop = WinXP Home
Netbook = Win7 Starter
netbook sees the network as public level - didn't change it to home or office.

Cheers for any help on this.