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    I’m using ZA with Virtualization turned on and Firefox with a couple of Addins running. Everything works fine, but yesterday in response to another issue I deleted all my “Virtualization data” through the ZA option. On restarting FF the Addins had gone, I reinstalled them and we are back to normal. The question is, is that normal? Is there a way of stopping deleting the data from removing the Addins, or if I install them without Virtualization and then turn it on will that work. It’s not the end of the world but a bit of a nuisance

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    Always turn OFF Virtualization for installing and updating Firefox.This is also valid for installing Add-ons and Plugins.

    After you have fully configured Firefox, Then you can turn Virtualization back On.

    When Virtualization is not turn Off any updating done occurs inside the Browser Security virtual file system and that data is deleted.

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